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Screw you scales!

As you are well aware I am pretty imperfect by now, another imperfection to add to my list is my battle with the scales! Since when has weighing been good for anything? Baking we all love to add our ‘zaa zaa zoom’ with a flair of expression outside the ingredients, we all pray they goContinue reading “Screw you scales!”

ALDI- you beat me!

Happy Friday everyone, although probably no-one gives a shit, apologies for a few days no report! Been a little sick – if WA had COVID would surely have been it… but maybe just nasty cold/ chest viral thing. Anyway, this means no energy, no activity… add the colder weather, the apple ring closures are aContinue reading “ALDI- you beat me!”

Hating my body

I spend so much time feeling completely underwhelmed by how I look. My job is to help people focus on making choices to enable their lives to be heathier, happier, more balanced. The importance of that is feeling energetic, sleeping better, being able to do everyday tasks, reduced pain. These are the things that REALLYContinue reading “Hating my body”