Completely Imperfect ageing PT!

So where to start! I’m a PT, coach, group exercise trainer, qualified in just about everything you can think of- 22 years in the game! A lecturer, 13 years training the next gen of PTs!. Imperfect YES, sadly considered middle aged YES, menopausal YES, feel completely ridiculous next to the insta beauty shit YES. Do my students under estimate me by looks YES!

My blog – well a daily daily look into life of mum, full time job, anxiety, stress, life, not perfect, keeping it real, motivating others to be their best self – not some perfect crap flaunted on social media to make you and me feel like failures!

So this is me- I feel being real helps me connect with my client, I don’t have some idealistic set of rules to preach! Christ I’m sitting here with my glass of red and a kit kat! But this is life, well my life, I know all the info, the deal, the perfection, but I’m also a fan of health, activity and happiness!

Some days are easy, many are not! But anything is better than yesterday. I know there will be many haters out there that are disgusted by by views, but hey sorry. I will talk about loving your self when I judge my body, ignoring the scales, when I weigh myself and get sad most days. I actually do train really hard and smart but results are slow and disappointing and often question what is the point!

So follow for my quirky insight into life as a lecturer, PT, mum, menopause, exercise, wine, anxiety, illness …..

Tip of the day – don’t ignore the pelvic floor

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