Online PT 24/7

So – my brain has been in overdrive for months. Shall I, or not, will anyone care or want? Then positive me goes yesss you know so much, you keep learning (literally 20 or more PDs this year alone). You train the next gen PT! Then the anxiety, negative me responds with – you are old and fat, no one cares, you are not an insta influencer. Then I argue in my brain – hey I know how to get the best, realistic, safety, longevity, but then I’m beaten down with – people want now, popularity, fomo.

I guess the saddest thing has been all then years I have given my life, soul, passion to helping with no agenda, just good will and that people actually don’t give a shit, well 95% they take and use for themselves. But then hey ho that’s life!

So I have been busting my ass …. working fulltime still, looking after two teens and a house of pets, developing my online PT, that I believe is awesome for so many busy, normal people needing happy healthy activity in their lives. So lets see where this goes.. while I wait to collect teen 2 from 11.30 pm shift and for old clients to maybe consider recommending my ass.

Tip of the night – Saturday night looks better with red

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