Sunday’s failings

So – after my daughter and I not making the gym yesterday – today, was a definite! Mrs PT, Mrs motivator, we will be there and work twice as hard. MMMMMMM ….. soooooo. well it went like this!

Early rise, well 8.30 am to take younger daughter to an ‘influencer’ let’s sell all my free crap to sucker’s sale, queue, so huge full of all the ‘followers’ (fml) that we ended up coast side for a rather nice breakky! Thanks Sandbar, never disappoint!

Daughter FOMO meant got to shop so 30 min round trip to ‘best’ shopping centre to spend HER hard earned wages! Which in turn gave me FOMO, so had to buy something unneeded, well wonderful – thanks Peter Alexander 20% off – lovely long sleeve silk PJs.

So point is – gym, um nah, motivation 0%. Maybe the cold, windy weather, how the hell did I stay a straight 50kg for 35 yrs in the UK? In my defense I did venture out and walk the dogs 3k, putting my Apple rings up to 1/2 complete – feeling of some achievement. My punishment is now the f#%ing dog has vomited all over my house for the past hour :(. Of course because I didn’t go to the gym. Oh well may a well hit the champers!

As I write this I stare as his piles of frothy vomit morosely and appreciate the wonder of my life, Sunday arvo, Sunday sessions, chill, netflix, naps… that’s the posts on my socials, my life is failing, am I failing? Well today I feel like it!

Or, did I have a nice morning with my daughter, treat myself to a lovely gift, sneak in a 3 k walk and cared for a poor distressed animal? Yep in perfect world I would have smashed the gym, done my facemask, taken lots of images where I look incredible. I did actually put some decent clothes on today.

Tip of the day – any activity is good, look at the positives, there will be some, every little moment counts.

But for now off to clear up copious vomit!

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