ALDI- you beat me!

Happy Friday everyone, although probably no-one gives a shit, apologies for a few days no report! Been a little sick – if WA had COVID would surely have been it… but maybe just nasty cold/ chest viral thing. Anyway, this means no energy, no activity… add the colder weather, the apple ring closures are a big fail for a fair few days. I am a failure, need to resign, lye in bed and cry all day….. what am I here for? Sound familiar?

So already Mrs. PT, this week I’m gonna change the world, as no-one takes me seriously as my butt isn’t good enough, my waist isn’t small enough, my following is negligible, ‘loser’ …… didn’t make the gym! Sound familiar? Again, those perfect out there will be scoffing me right now…. how the hell is this chick lecturing and assessing the next gen of PTs? Oh, I know – they know so much about how THEY train, themselves :/.

Well to the point…. final nail in coffin, ALDI, for any POMMY in WA/AUS- cheap English choccy!!!!! I never care less about chocolate, can goes months, but a deal on Pommy choc in ALDI and gobble until I feel sick.

Conclusion, we all have set backs and bad weeks, doesn’t make you bad, welcome to life, next week is a new start, work with a great trainer on reset goals to make you get inspired!

Tip of the day – pommies stay away from ALDI

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