Screw you scales!

As you are well aware I am pretty imperfect by now, another imperfection to add to my list is my battle with the scales! Since when has weighing been good for anything? Baking we all love to add our ‘zaa zaa zoom’ with a flair of expression outside the ingredients, we all pray they go over that line on the wine glass in the pub, yet come to hopping on the scales …… and misery ensues!

I spend so much time encouraging my clients and students to step away from using weight as a measure for wellness, for so many valid reasons, it saddens me to see the beautiful young ladies I train stressing over those numbers when there is so much else at play. Yet there I am, always in the morning (after toilet) minimal clothing … please no visualisations, hating on myself, when despite training my ass off like a legend, the numbers just keep on creeping up.

So my words of wisdom, work out what’s important, focus on the wins, learn to set goals that suit your life and learn to stare longingly at those clothes that you may never quite get into again in the wardrobe ( middle ages especially) and even if you eventually can, should you???? And no, sorry salvos still not ready to let go!

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