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Sam Chamberlain


23 years qualified in industry, lecturer of Fitness and Sport for 13 years, registered and qualified in PT, older adults, teen, S&C. Pilates, Yoga, dance specializations, rehab, group exercise, boxing, bootcamp and much more!

A mum of 2 teen girls, 5 cats, 2 dogs, foster for Perth rescue angels. FIFO wife, full time job…. as well as reaching the horrendous middle age!

I understand busy, family, medical conditions! Having been through parenting with work, moving away from family, 2 caesas, IBS, Auto immune condition, Fibromyalgia, Ross River Virus, back issues, menopause, anxiety and depression.

Exercise is sometimes the hardest and least important factor of life, yet can make all the difference. Don’t get me wrong, I have to summon every piece of willpower to be active sometimes, but I can vouch that when I do, and I am not perfect, it makes a difference.

This is why I get YOU! I can help fit with your life, help you set realistic goals and keep you doing something!

This might be around shift work, FIFO, kids, injury- I have worked with many elite athletes and made huge difference to their ability!

My team

  • As well as my expertise I work with a range of allied health professionals if you require specialist physio, dietary, chiro, women’s or men’s health guidance
  • My team of coaches have qualifications in athletics, male S&C, mental health support, health promotion and much more… only the best!

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