Completely imperfect PT

24/7 online PT – your goals, your space, your time, equipment. Designed around your life to fit in with YOU! For busy people, helping you find happy, healthy, active.

Via an app you will have personal programs, daily check-ins, technique advice, nutrition advice, graphs and progress in relation to discussed, realistic goals. It will feel like we are there with you every step of the way. Support not judgement.

I am an accredited Fitness Coach with qualifications in many disciplines, including Pilates, strength and conditioning, children’s trainer, PBT, EBAS, older adults and special conditions, bootcamp and boxing.

I am also a lecturer in Sport and Fitness with TAFE WA. I specialise in assisting injury reduction in adolescent sports, specifically pre professional dancers and helping busy people discover how to find their optimal health and wellness.

I am registered with Fitness Australia (level 3)With over 20 years industry experience and continued study, I am still learning everyday, so I can help others achieve their health and wellness goals

Interested, try a complete no tie in trial , with 50% discount for your first 4 weeks – get in touch. We begin with a free 30 min online consult.

If this is right for you then you will stay, so there will never be a tie in, just the week by week payment. First 4 weeks 1/2 price.

Up front about cost too – 24/7 (for price of one PT session) at $60 (AUD) per week. $30 for first 4 weeks.

Young dancer package – work on feet, turnout, strength, flexibility and reducing injury. $35 (AUD) per with – with 50% discount for first 4 weeks at $17.50

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