Completely Imperfect ageing PT!

So where to start! I’m a PT, coach, group exercise trainer, qualified in just about everything you can think of- 22 years in the game! A lecturer, 13 years training the next gen of PTs!. Imperfect YES, sadly considered middle aged YES, menopausal YES, feel completely ridiculous next to the insta beauty shit YES. DoContinue reading “Completely Imperfect ageing PT!”

Helping Busy people find happy healthy active

I am an accredited Fitness Coach with qualifications in many disciplines, including Pilates, strength and conditioning, children’s trainer, PBT, EBAS, older adults and special conditions, bootcamp and boxing. I am also a lecturer in Sport and Fitness with NM TAFE WAI specialise in assisting injury reduction in adolescent sports, specifically pre professional dancers and helpingContinue reading “Helping Busy people find happy healthy active”