So today is a win – overall

After 10 minutes figuring out how to get to my blogs! Was nearly on a lose lol. Anyway all in all I would say today way a glass half full.

Morning began with normal Mum Uber aka ‘Muber’ duties, to a falling sick child, followed by a good old 7 hrs straight computer work, online meetings, you might be surprised be actually have some pretty high level stuff on my hands! But winning one – no more dog vomit!

So today cold, windy, rainy – basic UK day. As said before how did I get through 35 yrs of exercise in UK. Bottom line, any excuse not to train again was going through both me and my eldest mind… but (winning no 2) under my motivation, we got our asses to the gym and busted out a work out – big time, my daughter, following my new online app… and me, well I should know what the hell I’m doing! I have to say – you DO FEEL BETTER when you done!!!! I promise you world- just take 5 mins of will power to get there!

Win 3 – videos done for app, a bit of interest in sign ups – however of course my self doubt and anxiety kicks in! Damn…. but day completed with a chilly 2k dog walk, lovely connection with a beautiful young ballerina sponsored in a recent dance comp as winner and supporting my sick daughter 😦 and anxious daughter return to uni….. life is never simple, but it can be done!

Tip of the day- overcome the 5 mins of blahh as the results are worth it

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